Huangyaguan Great Wall celebrates the first "Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival"

In order to welcome the first “Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival”, Huangyaguan Great Wall attaches great importance to the establishment of organizations, formulates reception plans and emergency plans, and actively creates a festive and festive atmosphere, with the “Great Wall of the Great Wall of the Great Wall of the Great Wall of Culture.” We will celebrate the joy of harvest with the vast number of peasant friends, show the long-term and heavy farming culture, and carry forward and promote the fine traditional Chinese culture.
The Great Wall Bureau held several coordination meetings to arrange and deploy the work related to the “Farmers Harvest Festival”. Established a special parking lot for the “Peasant Harvest Festival” of Huangyaguan Great Wall, produced special road signs and guide plates; set up a green window and passage for farmers, arranged professional staff to provide consulting services; actively organized cadres and workers to carry out large-scale cleaning of the sanitary environment. Comprehensively beautify the greening scenic spots; conduct comprehensive inspections of safety facilities and equipment to eliminate all potential safety hazards; produce a number of promotional slogans, and publicize them through electronic display screens, scenic official websites, WeChat, Weibo, etc.; “Huang Yaguan Folk Museum” The re-distribution of a variety of agricultural implements reflecting the farming culture and traditional village furnishings has enabled farmers to see things and witness the great achievements of rural reform and development. The scenic spot will ensure that the farmers' friends will come and enjoy with high-quality and thoughtful service, and they will be satisfied with the happiness and happiness of the festival owners in the Great Wall Scenic Area, so as to enhance the sense of honor and happiness of the farmers. And get a sense of it.
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