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  Longqing in three years (1569), Qi Jiguang served as a soldier in the town of Ji. In midsummer, the Huangyaguan area suffered from severe drought, which has not rained for several months, dry wells and dry rivers, and difficult for the military and civilians to drink. Qi Jiguang, anxious to find a water source, kowtowed at the Eight Diagrams Guancheng Temple of the Emperor Xuanwu, begging for water to save the army and the people from drinking water. To move God, he prepared to kneel in the temple for twelve hours, but because of the days of running, tired body, unconsciously drowsy, in the dark, an old man with white hair and silver beard came to Qi Jiguang's side, said: "General, please follow me." The general traveled all the way to the woods beneath the Half-Lavatun Hill, where he saw a stream of water gurgling, clear and sweet. General Qi Jiguang was overjoyed and thanked the old man. The general woke up, it was a dream, he was half-confident, overnight sent to the old guide to the place, really found the spring. General Qi Jiguang understood that it was his sincerity that moved the great Xuanwu emperor and sent the immortals to guide him and save the world. Therefore, he wrote the word "Shenquan" in writing.



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