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Widow House

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  That is Taiping Village side wall No. 6 enemy building, strip stone base, brick building, hollow square, four arched winding arrow windows. In the building, 4 brick pits support the top and are separated into two vaulted halls. Around the top of the building, there is a cross between the top and the top. According to legend, when Qi Jiguang, the general soldier of Jizhen, presided over the construction of the hollow enemy tower, 12 soldiers of Henan nationality died in the construction of the Great Wall. When their wives saw their husbands overdue, they went to Huangyaguan Great Wall with thousands of miles of husbands. When they learned that their husbands were dead and their wishes were gone, they endured their grief and inherited the will of their husbands. He also donated the Royal pension to build the enemy tower, which was called the "widow house" in honor of the profound righteousness of the 12 widows. In March 2013, we asked the experts of history and cultural relics to rename the "women's building".



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