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 In 1985, Tianjin's "love me China, repair my the Great Wall" sponsorship Steering Committee was built. In order to facilitate tours and passage inside and outside the Great Wall, Wengcheng was built with the inscription "Taipingzhai" inscribed in stone tablets on the doors and the stone tablets inlaid with white marble bedsteles on the walls of the doors, engraved with the inscription "Rebuilding the Great Wall Sponsorship Stele of Jixian County". Ou Chengmen Road connects the inside and outside of the side wall, Taiping Road in Nantong, Tazigou in Beitong, into Ou Cheng, there are green brick steps on the left and right to climb the top of the side wall. There are 133 steps of stone steps in front of the gate to reach the parking lot of Taiping Village scenic area.



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