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Baxian Cave

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  Located on the south of the cliff cliff and the East Cliff of the hehe River, it lies on the cliff wall and faces the river. It is said that when the eight immortals crossed the sea, they passed through Yanshan and stopped at this cave, so they were called eight immortals cave. Originally a natural cave, during the Tongzhi reign of the Qing Dynasty (1862-1874), the gentry and gentry built a vaulted eave face gate at the entrance of the cave, with an ancient canopy hanging under the eaves of the plaque "Heaven and Fortune of the Cave". The cave was sculpted with the statues of Hanzhongli, Zhang Guolao, Lu Dongbin, Tieguai Li, Han Xiangzi, Cao Guo's uncle, Lancai and He Xiangu. Ladies and gentlemen. It was originally clay sculpture. In 2004, it was re shaped. The statue looks different, vivid and lifelike. Every summer rainy season, the river swell, the river smoke vast, purple gas in the cave, the ancient voice echoes in the valley, a long time. The front porch platform extends to the river, where visitors can visit.



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