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Baxian Lake Water Playground

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  Located on the east side of Huangyakou Pass, in 1997, the scenic spot dredged the river course, cleared the river bed pebble and silt, and built the Baxian Lake water amusement park, covering an area of 40,000 square meters. In the past, people said that the eight immortals once visited this area, so they named the water park of the eight immortals lake. In 2001, the scenic spot accumulated rocks in the center of the water surface of the Baxian Lake Water Playground and built a lake island with an area of 1800 square meters. In the center of the lake on the island to build a dragon platform, placed a giant dragon sculpture, 30 meters long, chest held high and claws, the momentum to fly away. The playground is connected to the yellow cliff water line in the north, and the eight immortals ancient cave in the south, facing the baguguan city. Nature cleverly cleaves the grand pass, Gudong, Castle Peak and clear water. The lake is reflected in a beautiful picture. Eight bicycle boats, four electric boats and four water bicycles were set up in the water playground for tourists to go boating and enjoy the lake. Visitors can ride the yacht to roam the lake, wave ripples, boating, mountain light Lake color, poetic and picturesque.



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