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Great Wall Spirit

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  The Great Wall of Huangyaguan was built on the hill, with the main body built on rubble. During the Longqing reign of the Ming Dynasty, Qi, a national hero, repaired Jizhen with bricks and built the only "Bagua Guancheng" along the Great Wall. The whole military defense system was improving day by day. A section of the Great Wall in the northwest corner of the Bagua Guancheng is built on top of the rocks, and the inside of the wall is exposed. The rocks are narrow and wide, and the moss marks are green. It is suspected that the Great Wall was deliberately repaired with the inscription "soul" engraved on it. Legend has it that a travelling Taoist is so attracted by the beautiful scenery that he willingly writes the powerful word "soul" in order to show that the Great Wall is like a huge stone, indestructible and implies the spirit of the Chinese nation.



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