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Yubei Xiongguan

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The scenic spot is called "Sunset Yellow Cliff" because of its yellowish brown rocky cliffs, and when sunset falls to the west, the Yellow Cliff is especially magnificent. Huangyaguan Great Wall extends from Guancheng as the center to the two banks of the Linhe River, with cliffs as a barrier through the Taipingzhai Village in the east, straight into the semi-cylinder mountain, and eight dangerous steps to the west, ghosts worry, relying on the cliffs to fly to Wangmoding Mountain. In the fifty-eighth year of the Qianlong reign of the Qing Dynasty (1793), a wooden archway was built in front of the gate of Nancheng. The forehead was inscribed "Xiongguan in Jibei" and the forehead was endorsed "Golden Soup Consolidation". The the Great Wall of Huang Ya Guan is renowned for its fame in the name of "Ji Bei Xiong Guan". There is a poem: "the Chinese famous place is thick and thick, and the northern legend of Ji Bei is remembered." There are hundreds of generals in the monument. The yellow cliff of Shin Shui Guan City is hollow and eight diagrams are proud of the enemy's platform. This is the best way to preserve and preserve the past. In January 4, 1990, Tianjin was rated as "the first ten scenes of Tianjin gate".



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