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The inscription on the Longevity Garden – respecting the old and the old is the virtue of the Chinese cultural tradition, which has been around for more than two thousand years.

The inscription on the Longevity Garden – respecting the old and the old is the virtue of the Chinese cultural tradition, which has been around for more than two thousand years. "Shangshu·Hong Fan" is the first of the five blessings of "Shou", and the "Book of Songs" has many articles. In the past dynasties, the ruling and the wilderness showed respect to the old and the old customs, and it was a custom, Yuren heart. Today's politicians are particularly important, and they are decrees to protect the elderly, and to respect the old for the administration of the people, so all parties are enlightened. The Tianjin Youth Federation promotes the morality and morality of young people, builds spiritual civilization, and identifies the iconic project of Tianjin youth. It cooperates with the newspapers of the evening and the People’s Government of Tianjin County to build the Changshou Park as the first project. Relieve the evening scene of the elderly and reinforce the youth's self-cultivation. This solid former generation is rare and there are also good deeds of the later generations.

The agreement was decided, but the site was chosen for construction. After the comparison, the Kunming Garden of the Eighth City of Huangyaguan, the Great Wall of Qixian County, was the site of Changshou Park. Its garden covers an area of ​​3,000 square meters, sitting on the west side of the west, backed by the top of the king's hat, the shade of the trees, the front of the river, surrounded by the flow of mountains and rivers. Looking at the Great Wall, I am brave and heroic; the enemy building stands tall, and the generals are full of great achievements. The garden is set with a circular monument wall, and the stone wall of the Li Shoulin's handwritten book of the Lixian County is set up in the stone wall. The colors overlap and the meaning of longevity is long. The setting of the scene in the garden is intended to be longevity. Fanmenqiao Road Corridor, all of which are named after the name of life; Shantou Liangzhu, what you see is the word of life. The sculpture of Xian Weng’s crane is independent and emptiness. Green shades, stacked water fountains. Staying in it, you don’t want to travel to Wanshou Wonderland.

The Longevity Park was started in the spring of 1998. Announced in the autumn. Since then, the old people have to raise the place of sorrow, the younger generations have been respected by the old, the traditional Chinese virtues have been passed down from generation to generation, the social atmosphere has changed, the Yuyang ancient county has added color, and Huang Yaxiong has increased its style. This honest administration is the same as the people. It is not easy for the principal to read the garden, and the thoughts are in the future and invite them to remember. To the youngest, it’s full of enthusiasm, optimism, and fortunately! The martyrdom of the martyrdom is the beginning and the end of the slogan, and it is difficult to maintain the enthusiasm of the founder.

Reconstruction of the Great Wall Monument in Jixian County - The Great Wall of the Great Wall began in the Warring States and has been built in the past. The Great Wall of Yi County has been established, and it has its merits. Huangyaguan was built in Yongle, Taipingzhai was built in Chenghua, and the side wall of the Jiajing base was built. Longqing created the enemy's platform. It was the dragon's tortoise, the side of the tiger's water, and the soul of the nation stood proudly. Glen Canyon, Huang Ya Xi Zhao, the scenery is magnificent and strange. The years passed, the disaster was catastrophic, the wall was tilted, and the style was not the same. In September 1984, Deng Xiaoping, director of the Central Advisory Committee of the Communist Party of China, called for "Love China, Repair My Great Wall". The Tianjin Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Tianjin Municipal People's Government advocated the response. People from all walks of life enthusiastically donated RMB 1,600. More than one hundred thousand yuan. On the next heart, the military and the people have joined forces, and they have participated in the grand event for three years. The repaired side wall is 3,025 meters, the enemy station is 20, and the Huangyaguan city is built. The Great Wall Stele Forest and the Great Wall Museum are built. When the time is squatting, the shackles, the ancient customs re-emerged in the majestic, the mountains and rivers are beautiful, the ancestors of the ancestors, the treasures benefit future generations. Its merits are ambiguous, and Le Shi is determined.

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