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Half of the mountain

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The spectacle is located at the East Point of Taiping Village scenic area. Legend has it that Qi Tian Sheng Sun Wukong has made a havoc in the heavenly palace and kicked over the alchemy stove of Prin

The spectacle is located at the East Point of Taiping Village scenic area. Legend has it that Qi Tian Sheng Sun Wukong has made a havoc in the heavenly palace and kicked over the alchemy stove of Prince Tai, which has been halves, half of which fell to this place. Poetry says: "Gao Chong Chong red heart, ask strange Huang cliff half cylinder peak. The sunset of the orange cloud moving, the mighty fog in the sky. The biography of the Archaean edification, the saints Sima son of the trace. Mountains and dangerous landscapes, not the Great Wall.

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