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King hat top mountain

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  This wonder is located in the west of Bagua Guancheng. Its hill is like an inverted Golden Bell and looks like an ancient crown. So it is named "the crown of the king's hat". The top of the king's hat is a single peak, with its majestic majestic appearance. In the extreme hope of reaching the top, the mountains are arched, the Great Wall in the East is winding, the mountains in the West are rolling, the mountains in the south are vast, and the Yanshan mountains in the north are barren. The clouds and clouds were surging at the foot, and there was a vast expanse of snow and sea. The tourist ascended the top of the king's hat and wrote a poem: "depending on the top of your hat, your eyes and eyes are clever. Bi Shui Chun Ying dreams wild goose, Huang Shiqiu sends forget to return to Hong. The pine wind blows the brocade to the purple, and the pulse produces the sunset glow. The swimmers arrived half a step late and failed to win the common gods.



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