China (Huang Yaguan) Second International Taijiquan cultural exchange contest

The 2nd China (Huangyaguan) International Taijiquan Elite Exhibition and Exchange Conference will be held in Chengde, Hebei Province, a famous international tourist city and summer resort from June 23 to 26, 2018. During the event, the main stadium will be selected in Huangyaguan Great Wall, the Pearl beyond the plug - Bashang grassland, Saihanba National Forest Park.

The Great Wall is located in the mountains of 28 kilometers north of Ji Zhou. Historically, there are eighteen barracks in Jizhou City. Huangya Pass is one of the most important passes. It was founded in 556 AD. When Qi Jizhen was appointed as the chief soldier of Jizhen Town in Ming Dynasty, he redesigned and repaired it. It was an important pass for the Great Wall of Jizhen Town in Ming Dynasty and the only one in the county.

Huangyaguan Great Wall gathers the essence of the Great Wall of China in one place with rich cultural connotations. It is praised as the epitome of the Great Wall by experts of the Great Wall. The natural scenery here is magnificent, strange, dangerous and beautiful. Taijiquan competitions are held in the Eight Diagrams of the Great Wall. Taijiquan arrays are held in the winding and undulating Great Wall. Dragons dance and display Taijiquan culture. How shocking the scene will take in the lens!

During the 2nd International Taijiquan Elite Exhibition and Exchange Conference in China (Huangyaguan), the magnificent scenery of the Great Wall is closely integrated with Taijiquan.

This activity, in the Great Wall Xiongguan - Huangyaguan, Bagua array, the Great Wall on the sword, martial arts, the Great Wall array, showing the Taiji style.