Safety tips for tourists
Tourist friends, for your travel safety, scenic area tips:
1、Please park the vehicles under the direction of the staff, lock the doors and windows, and carry the valuables with you.
2、Please go to the ticket hall to buy the tickets for scenic spots and sightseeing. In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of tourists from being infringed, please do not listen to the introduction of idle people and take black taxis.
3、Take the scenic spot sightseeing vehicle matters needing attention:

1, do not litter outside the car to jointly safeguard the environment;

2. Don't tease or smoke while riding a sightseeing bus. Don't stick any part of your body out of the car to avoid danger.

3, please take good care of the elderly and children when taking the bus.

4, take care to keep your belongings in case you lose them.

5, do not carry inflammable, explosive and toxic dangerous goods.

6, wait until the sightseeing bus stops before getting off, so as to avoid any accidents.


4、 when climbing the Great Wall:

1, when climbing the Great Wall, please be careful and slow, take good care of the elderly and children, so as not to fall and fall.

2, please do not climb the the Great Wall's mouth to avoid falling and falling.

3, please do not scribble and scribble on the walls.

4. Smoking is forbidden after entering the scenic area, so as to avoid fire.

5, before dark, visitors are requested to go downhill as soon as possible. There is no light along the the Great Wall to avoid any danger.

6. After rainy and cloudy days in summer, moss easily grows on stone steps and downhills of the Great Wall. Visitors should pay attention to walking slowly to avoid slipping and falling.

7. When climbing the Great Wall, in case of showers, visitors are invited to take shelter in the nearby enemy buildings. Do not use your mobile phone to answer the phone so as to avoid thunder and lightning injuries.

Tianjin Huang Ya Guan the Great Wall Scenic Area Administration