Great Wall Poetry Songs

Looking forward to Huang Ya Guan, Chairman Mao's statues and reading poems

Dedicated to the 60th anniversary anniversary of the Red Army's Long March victory.

Ye Di Sheng

The gentle and unrestrained nature of the poem is very beautiful.

The pen is flying into the universe, and the chest expresses the heroic spirit.

The sound of clouds is full of autumn charm.

Magnificent feelings and poetry are far away.

Jixian County ancient the Great Wall yellow cliff pass

Ze-Wen Luo

The precipice of the precipice is soaring.

West to Qilian East Vietnam sea, the Great Wall Wanli this connection.

Autumn tour yellow cliff pass

Dong Yao Hui

Dong Yaohui (1957 ~), executive vice president of the Great Wall Association of China, famous the Great Wall expert.

Guan Cheng was quiet at night, and the moon shone in early autumn.

Shadow falls on Bagua city.

Feeling of the Great Wall

Sea Cloud

Hai Yun (birth and death, resume unknown)

The mountains are vast, and the the Great Wall is thousands of miles away.

On the top of the winding ridge, the star game is set at Baiyun peak.

The sun is shining and the sun is shining.

The barrier is between the dragon and the tiger.