Huangya Zhengguan and Arctic Court

Huangya Zhengguan is located in the center of the north wall of Bagua Guancheng. It is 31 meters long, 19 meters wide and 10.8 meters high. It is inscribed with the plaque "Huangya Zhengguan". In front of it, there is a square covering an area of 2,800 square meters. It is a place for collective activities.

The Arctic Pavilion, also known as the Xuanwu Temple, was built in the Ming Dynasty and damaged after 1912. In 1987, Tianjin's "love me China, repair my the Great Wall" sponsorship Steering Committee was restored. The restored Arctic Pavilion is a wooden single-eaved Xieshan Peak Pavilion, 9.2 meters long, 6.4 meters deep, 10.4 meters high, 18 meters high, five wide, two deep, the front corridor, followed by a large Fengwei Hall, nine ridges Xieshan Peak, Zhuzhu Zhu green, carved beams and painted buildings, large spine point golden paintings, gorgeous, magnificent, Your Excellency embedded. "Yellow cliff is closing" stone.

In 1990, the investment in the scenic spot reshaped the statue of the emperor of Xuanwu, painted in four walls, and painted in the East and west walls. According to legend, Ming Dynasty father Yongle believed in Taoism. He thought he had won the throne by sweeping north. According to Taoism, the Eastern God Qinglong, the Western God Baihu, the Southern God Suzaku, the Northern God Xuanwu, collectively known as the four gods, guard each side. Therefore, he repaired the basalt temple to show his admiration for the basaltic God. In the front of the Arctic Pavilion, there was a site. In 1991, the people's Government of Jixian County invested in the construction of the open plaza. "91 Tianjin the Great Wall mountain Festival" is held here. Later, a number of large-scale festivals were held.