Bailin Stele Forest

Located on the west side of the front courtyard of the Qiangua District in Bagua City, Baijian Stele Forest was built on October 5, 1987. It is the first 100-strong stele forest in China. 108 white marble tablets were inlaid on the wall of the 75-meter-long archaized corridor, engraved with inscriptions of two marshals, two generals, 22 generals, 74 lieutenant generals and 7 major generals, most of which were written for the Great Wall of Huangyaguan. Before the hundred tablets of stone tablets, the inscription of the hundred will ink inscription was written by the people's Government of Tianjin. In the inscriptions of these generals, there are Xu Qianqian's "copper wall iron wall"; Nie Rongzhen's "we stand in the Wutai Mountains Taihang Mountains Yanshan flag pointing to Changbai Mountains, we gallop in the Hutuo River Yongding River Tidal River Luanhe River Kaige play the Yalu River"; Xiao Jinguang's "magnificent mountains and rivers"; Tan Zheng's "decorate this mountain, better today" Look at Ye Fei's "Great Wall, Human Miracle"; Lv Zhengkao's "Aerospace Hero Miracle, Millions of Heroes to the Great Wall"; Wei Guoqing's "Holy Land"; Li Zhimin's "Weizhen Shenzhou"; Yang Chengwu's "Brilliance Forever"; Yang Dezhi's "Reviewing the Ancient and Reviewing the Present, Redeveloping the Great Map"; Zhang Aiping's "Great Wind" and "Great Wind" Wait. In addition to the inscription, there are many generals inscribed in the forest of tablets. It is not only a treasure of calligraphy, but also a valuable teaching material for the education of patriotism.

In the middle of the courtyard stands a huge stromatolite inscribed with Deng Xiaoping's inscription "Love my China, repair my Great Wall".