Carved stone forest

Seal inscription forest is located in the north side of the Baijia Stele Forest and the Baijia Stele Forest. It was built on August 31, 1991. The exhibition hall covers an area of 184 square meters. In 1991, in order to promote the art of Chinese seal cutting, the Steering Committee of Tianjin's sponsorship of "Love My China, Repair My Great Wall" and the Tianjin Calligraphers'Association jointly initiated a seal cutting campaign with the theme of praise of the Great Wall to the national seal cutting circles at the initiative of Wang Xuezhong, vice-chairman of the Chinese Calligraphers' Association. Among hundreds of works from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, 114 masterpieces of Seal Engravers were selected. 50 Seal Engravers in Tianjin engraved on the white marble walls 0.3 meters high and 0.3 meters wide, forming a seal inscription forest. To seal the praises of the Great Wall, the seal carving tablet forest is the first place in the world. Seal engraving Qin and Han Dynasties seal, insect seal, Xiao Shao, Huapu, beads, mud seal, brick and tile, each of the masterpieces contains the art style of the past dynasties seal, each of the famous sentences composes the magnificent poems of the motherland mountains and rivers, can be said to be "between square inches, simple and elegant, profound implications", a variety of forms, colorful.