Taipei Monument

  Taipei Stone Garden is located in the Bagua Labyrinth Courtyard. It is adjacent to the city wall on both sides of the southeast. It is near the Bagua Labyrinth amusement park on the West and the Longevity Park on the north. In May 2001, with the support of the Tianjin Cultural Bureau, the Tourism Bureau and the Taiwanese Office, it was jointly constructed by the Chinese Calligraphic Society of Taipei, the Chinese Art Newspaper and the scenic spot, covering an area of 1,000 square meters. It engraved a total of 117 fine calligraphy works by 10 contemporary Chinese calligraphers and 98 Taiwanese calligraphers into tablets and embedded in the corridor walls. Taipei tablet garden, green corridor, elegant environment, rich cultural connotation, with cultural tourism characteristics. In 2005, with the support of Tianjin Tourism Bureau and other units, the scenic spot has compiled and published a copy of Taipei Stele Garden, which provides a valuable work for visitors to understand the Great Wall and study the art of Chinese calligraphy.