Water off

  Located on the eastern side of the Yellow Cliff Pass, it spans the Yuhe River, extending 100 meters eastward from the No. 13 Enemy Tower, spanning the Yuhe River to the No. 12 Enemy Tower, 75.5 meters in length and 12.5 meters in height. Founded in the 21st year of Yongle in Ming Dynasty (1423), it was rebuilt in Jiajing (1522-1566), and in 1587 (1587) it was rebuilt again. A pheasant gallery was built and a five-hole water tunnel was set up. Peaks on both sides of the river were cut like axes, and steep cliffs were erected. It is the second ancient military defense line to the south of Phoenix Tower and adjacent to Bagua City. In 1992, the Tianjin Municipal People's government restored it at its original site. The lower stone foundation block stone barrier, the upper green brick barrier, the top of the wall has a 3 m wide passage, beside pheasant dishes, under the arch of five water holes, and Huangya Zhengguan "bone and flesh connected", is the famous entrance of the Great Wall of East Beijing, five water holes with iron fences to prevent floods in the rainy season to destroy the Great Wall.