Phoenix Building

Located on the upper reaches of the Shui Guan pass, the top of the steamed bread rises 100 meters from the river bed and 1 kilometers away from the water gate. On the round platform of 16.5 meters in diameter, four brick stacks are erected as arch feet, the space is 6 meters high, the door is opened in the south, and 11 arrow windows are opened around. The stairs that are built through brick walls are on the top floor. The top floor is 14.9 meters in diameter, and there are 16 pits around it. In the middle, it is built 8 meters wide and 4.6 meters deep. The whole enemy platform was 18.3 metres high, like a giant of "one man at the crossing", standing proudly on a steep solitary peak, holding the mouth of the valley. Legend has it that Phoenix lives on it, hence the name Phoenix Tower. In September 1987, a pavilion was built at the mid level of the steamed bun hill.