Gossip Labyrinth Amusement Park

  Located in the baguguan city school yard, it covers an area of more than 3000 square meters. The Eight Diagrams have a long history in our country. It was first recorded in the Book of Changes in detail. It is legendary that the Eight Diagrams were created by Fu Xi's Hetu and Luoshu. The Book of Changes is an ancient scientific masterpiece, respected as the first of the ancient classics, there is an ancient saying that "Fu Xi created eight trigrams is the rudiment of Chinese characters, King Wen performed the Book of Changes is the beginning of Chinese culture". Later, King Wen of Zhou evolved on the basis of studying Fuxi's Eight Diagrams, first used in divination, then used it in military affairs, forming the acquired Eight Diagrams.

  This labyrinth draws the essence of the eight diagrams in past dynasties, with ingenious structure and novel style. Hundreds of ancient dwarf walls are divided into tortuous streets and lanes. The center of the labyrinth is a circular Tai Chi platform, surrounded by brick walls, symbolizing the place of the sky. The east, south, West and north of the labyrinth each have a gate, which is called "four gates are connected, all arrive at eight o'clock, and there is only one living way". Visitors can visit the labyrinth during the day and perform in the evening in a "kaleidoscope" performance, which combines participation, adventure, fun and entertainment in one place. The park used this garden to plan a maze competition for the primary and secondary school tourism team. Some people praise and write, "in the palace, fans are rushing outside the palace to shout the short laugh to touch the cliff. Street Street has no road and no road. Liang Shing house is war objects, Huangshi green willows used to capture. The eight diagrams of the palace of heaven and earth are not as good as ever.