Longevity Park

  The Longevity Garden is the first education base of respecting the elderly in China, with the theme of extolling longevity, respecting the elderly and respecting the elderly and the connotation of "longevity". Located in the Gua hexagram of baguguan City, it is located in the southern Taipei tablet garden and eight diagrams maze amusement park. Built in 1998, covering an area of 3,000 square meters, there is a shadow monument, a longevity bridge, a statue of Peng Zu, a set of longevity tables and chairs, built around corridors, with Soviet-style paintings, the contents of the "24 Xiaotu," the walls and corridors around the inscription of longevity tablets, Maotou, dripping water, rafters, rafters are engraved in the garden, a total of "longevity" The total number of words is more than 20000. Among them, there are 10 000 3 characters with different writing styles, which were collected and written by Li Chunlin, former director of Jixian Tourism Bureau, showing the ever-changing writing style of the word "longevity" and the evolutionary process of the word "six books to make characters". It is the treasure house of Chinese culture and the grand garden of the word "longevity", which was listed in the Shanghai Guinness World Records in 2000. Longevity Garden combines Chinese architectural art, garden art, sculpture art, calligraphy art in one, people called Longevity Garden: "Shoumen Shoubi Shoushuxin, Shouhe Shouxian water born gold. Shou Lang Shou Ji is decorated with longevity and longevity. Zong Zong ancestor is filial piety. Don't forget to cultivate yourself and do filial piety. In October 2012, it was named as the respecting and respecting elderly base in Tianjin by the Tianjin Municipal People's Government Working Committee on ageing.