(1) Huang Ya Mountain Villa Hotel

Mountain Villa Hotel is located in baguguan city. It is divided into 5 hexagram districts, namely, Zhen, gen, Sunda, Li and Yu. It provides catering and accommodation services for tourists. In June 1989, it was a guest house of the Tianjin Municipal Administration Office, also known as Bagua City Resort, which is managed by the Tianjin municipal administration. In October 1990, the Tianjin Municipal Administration of public affairs was withdrawn and operated independently by the scenic area and renamed the Mountain Villa Hotel cliff cliff.

In 1998, overhaul of the buildings in the earthquake yard, the general hospital, the departure yard and the courtyard were completed, which completely solved the problem of rain leakage.

In 2005, Dai Xianglong, mayor of Tianjin, visited the the Great Wall of Huang Ya Guan, indicating that he should adapt himself to the development of tourism and improve the reception level of hotels in scenic spots. In the same year, the scenic area invested 6 million yuan to upgrade and upgrade the Xun Hospital of Huang Ya Mountain Villa Hotel, and built a typical northern courtyard in Ming and Qing Dynasties.

In the past 2007~2010 years, a total investment of 13 million 800 thousand yuan has been made, which has been upgraded to the hospital, the Imperial College, the departure yard and the earthquake courtyard, with a total area of about 5500 square meters.

In 2014, it invested 3 million 750 thousand yuan to uncover and repair the houses of Xunyuan and Gen yuan, and paint again.

Through continuous upgrading and upgrading, the yellow cliff Mountain Villa Hotel can accommodate 200 people at the same time, 300 people at the same time, 1000 buffet, at the same time with elegant and comfortable small banquet hall and cafeteria, can hold wild barbecue, bonfire party, fireworks show, is an ideal place for leisure.



(2) the Great Wall Hotel

The Great Wall Hotel, founded in 1996, was originally known as eight immortals apartment, backed by eight immortals cave, looking at the ancient the Great Wall, the environment is elegant.

In 1996, the scenic area and the Tianjin Sky Airlines joint venture built a two storey small building of imitation Qing style, with an area of 1270.12 square meters, plus the original 1000 square meters of two quadrangles, named eight immortals apartment.

In 2007, the scenic spot invested 1 million yuan to upgrade it and renamed it the Great Wall hotel. In the same year, there were 1 newly built two story guest rooms on the east side of the Great Wall Hotel, with an area of 882 square meters.

The Great Wall hotel has elegant surroundings and open courtyard. It can accommodate 150 people and 200 people at the same time.



(3) Dong Shan Hotel (Yun Yun holiday resort)

Dong Shan Hotel, built in 1999, is located at the entrance of Taiping Village scenic area. The environment is fresh and quiet, elegant and unique. After the investment and renovation in 2002, it can accommodate 100 people and 200 people to eat.