Tour line A line (eight diagrams Guan Cheng line): Yilun pass, eight diagrams labyrinth, longevity garden, museum, forest of Steles, 100 pine garden, Huang cliff Zheng Guan, celebrity name union hall, Arctic Pavilion, and last the Great Wall. On the way, we can see the Eight Diagrams street, the first the Great Wall Museum in the country, the stele forest, the hundreds of Steles, hundreds of Steles, Mao Zedong's poems and tablets, the pear garden, the Taipei stele, the Liu Bingnan calligraphy stone stele, and the hundreds of different kinds of pine trees with different tastes and shapes, the basalt temple and the hundreds Shou map.

Tour line B line (Taiping walled the Great Wall line): take the sightseeing bus to Taiping Zhai Road, Taiping village parking lot, urn City, and climb the Great Wall. Along the way, we can enjoy many scenic spots, such as Tai Ping Zhai archway, organic farm, semi pull cylinder hill, yellow cliff sunset glow, Qi Jiguang statue and widow house.

Tour line C line (residual the Great Wall tour route): from the Bagua Guan City scenic spot entrance examination entrance, to the yellow cliff Zheng Guan square, climb the Arctic Pavilion, along the Great Wall winding westward, through the yellow cliff, the sky gate, to the mysterious remnant the Great Wall scenic spot. There is the best

preserved and largest site of the Ming Dynasty remnant the Great Wall in the Great Wall. Along the way, I see pheasants, rabbits, squirrels in the woods, more steep cliff topography, magical daughter Lin, mysterious Wang hat top mountain...