Lightning conductor will be installed at the enemy building of the Great Wall.

Tianjin North Network News: Last September 10, Jizhou District Huangyaguan Great Wall Scenic Spot 7 tourists were injured by lightning in beacon fire shelter, caused tourists'concern. In order to avoid such accidents happening again, recently, the relevant departments held an expert demonstration meeting in Huangyaguan Great Wall Scenic Spot, Huangyaguan Great Wall installation lightning rod project through expert demonstration.

According to Huangyaguan Great Wall Scenic Area, the main enemy buildings 16, 17 installed lightning rods, installed on both sides of the two enemy buildings, taking into account safety and aesthetics. The lightning rod is made of copper with excellent quality and good safety performance. The total investment is about 980,000 yuan. The installation is expected to be completed in September. (Liu Ying, editor of Jinyun News)