Protect the Great Wall from baby

The Great Wall is located in the mountains of 28 kilometers north of Jizhou district. Historically, there are eighteen guard barracks in Jizhou City. Huangya Pass is one of the most important passes. Founded in 556 ad, Qi Jiguang, a famous Ming Dynasty, was redesigned and wrapped up in brick repair. The yellow cliff pass the Great Wall is an important pass of the the Great Wall in Ji Town in Ming Dynasty, and it is also the only Guancheng town in the territory. Since 1994, Huangyaguan Great Wall has been named "Patriotism Education Base", "National Defense Education Base" and "Ten Best Entertainment Places for Youth Cultural Activities" by Tianjin Municipal Government.。

The main significance of "patriotic education"

Patriotism is a glorious tradition of the Chinese nation, a tremendous force to promote the progress of Chinese society, a common spiritual pillar of the people of all ethnic groups, an important part of the main theme of socialist spiritual civilization construction, and a basic requirement for China to cultivate new people of the Four Youths. Patriotism education is a basic project to improve the overall quality of the whole nation. It is an important work to guide people, especially the young people, to establish correct ideals, beliefs, outlook on life, values and promote the revitalization of the Chinese nation.

Protect the the Great Wall from the doll.

The the Great Wall of the motherland is world civilization. The Great Wall is the treasure of the Chinese nation. It is a testimony to the development of Chinese history. Through the activity of climbing the Great Wall organized by the kindergarten, we can cultivate the patriotism of young children, arouse their patriotic enthusiasm from childhood, and learn about the Great Wall in the process of climbing the city. We can let our children know the pride and pride of being a Chinese from childhood.