Red education the Great Wall witness

Red Education

Red education is to carry out patriotism education and revolutionary traditional education for students, following the principle of combining education with pleasure, combining with major festivals and anniversaries, to carry out colorful "red education" for students.


Red base

Since 1994, Huangyaguan Great Wall has been named "Patriotism Education Base", "National Defense Education Base" and "Ten Best Entertainment Places for Youth Cultural Activities" by Tianjin Municipal Government.



Efforts should be made to create a good atmosphere for educating people with "red culture", explore a ideological and political education mode of "routine education, characteristic education brand, school-site interaction and two-way" and carry out various and rich thematic education activities to actively explore the effective development of students'ideological and political work.


Understanding scenic spots

Longevity Garden visits Longevity Character Culture: Through understanding the culture of Longevity Character, we educate all the students to respect and respect the elderly and carry forward the 


Traditional Chinese virtues.

The Museum of Great Wall History: Through visiting the unearthed cultural relics, we can understand the frontier culture and military culture of the Great Wall, as well as the specific production and lifestyle of the conscripts and soldiers, and set an example to protect the cultural relics and historic sites.


Understanding scenic spots

Hundreds of generals, Mao Zedong's poetry and ink inscription inscriptions inscriptions inscriptions inscriptions inscriptions inscriptions: to educate students about the revolutionary tradition, to understand the patriotic sentiments and heroic words of the senior generals, to learn the great achievements and revolutionary achievements of great men.